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Your Total Dairy Farm Solution

Looking to maximise return on your biggest investment?At Think Water Leeston, we have decades of experience in dairy farming, water and effluent solutions, and understand the importance of consistent water flow where you need it.

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Arable and pastoral farming

You've got valuable land for crops or pasture, so why leave your success up to the weather? At Think Water Leeston, we help you make the most of the land you've got by ensuring the consistent supply of your most valuable resource - water.

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Lifestyle block products & services

Want to focus on enjoying your lifestyle block by removing your water supply hassles? At Think Water Leeston, we have decades of experience in irrigation, pumping and water management, and are experts in providing you with water where you need it, and service with a smile.
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Water -  The lifeblood of Canterbury

Water is one of the most valuable resources, and no matter what you need it for, it's important to have a reliable and consistent supply wherever you need it. Whatever your water supply and management needs at Think Water Leeston nothing's a problem.

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Dairy Servicing

There’s 4 Key Areas around getting water where you need it, plus making sure you are complying with ECAN and your District council rules.


1.            Dairy Shed Maintenance

2.            Irrigation Systems

3.            Water Flowmeters and Dataloggers

4.            Dairy Effluent Systems

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Water where you need it.

Looking for pump and irrigation expertise from a team where nothing is a problem? At Think Water Leeston, we have decades of experience in irrigation, pumping and water where you need it and service with a smile.

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