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Payment incentive 2018

Payment incentives could help Fonterra farmers be more sustainable.

Fonterra should reward environmentally-conscious dairy farmers with bonus payments which would provide an incentive for other farmers needing to reduc...

sheep cattle new zealand 2

Sheep and Beef Farmers aim to be carbon neutral by 2050.

Every sheep and beef farmer will have a tailored environment plan by the end of 2021 and they aim to be carbon neutral by 2050 in a new Beef + Lamb NZ...

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Irrigation NZ News

Autumn issue 2018
Amuri Irrigators scoop river award.

Weather story April 2018

Fixing Farming our climate challenge

Rod Oram writes in this week's column about farming's massive climate change challenge and New Zealand's special role in finding ways to reduce emissi...

Changing climate pix

How to secure NZ's Food supply in the face of a changing climate

We take for granted the bounty on offer at our supermarkets, but destructive cyclones and the hottest month in 150 years are turning attention to how ...

Milk for fonterra2

Fonterra milk for schools marks fifth anniversary ; Richie McCaw to do special milk runs

As the Fonterra Milk for Schools programme enters its fifth year Richie McCaw will help mark the milestone with a series of special helicopter milk ru...